Louisiana Blur

Just like I thought in my last post, the rest of my time in Louisiana I was in a food coma. I had a mater plan to write about each day I was there, but I ate so much naps were a necessity! I did succeed in taking lots of photos though!

Here are my top two must try food items.



Before…50lbs of crawfish.


After! Defeated by the crawfish!

When the family I was staying with realized I had never had crawfish, they decided that had to change. We gathered the troops and ordered a whopping 50 pounds of crawfish.

I have to say I was nervous… after all they still had heads on them.

I am glad this didn’t stop me because this was one of the tastiest things I have eaten in my life.

In addition to the actual crawfish, really enjoyed the potatoes that come with it. They cook them with the crawfish, so they soak up all the seasonings and were delicious.

I would recommend starting with a mild spice. It is just right so you can actually taste the savoriness of the crawfish. The spice can sneak up on you the more you eat, so be careful.



Homemade chicken and sausage gumbo.

The next day we all gathered again to cross yet another food of the list of things to try for the first time.

So the true way of eating this is to add a scoop of potato salad to the gumbo. It thickens the broth and is really good. I opted to keep it on the side with my baked sweet potatoes.

This was delicious! I also really enjoyed the sausage that was used;  spicy cajun sausage. It added just enough spice to the savory gumbo.

Eat more!

If you head to Louisiana, I think these are two of the things you must eat! Other than the beignets, boudin sausage, and cracklins. Google them! It is all amazing.

I can’t wait to go back this September and eat through the state once again. This time I will be packing the yoga pants!

PS: The header image is a panorama photo of the view I had in my hotel room in New Orleans. The main road you see is Canal St with bourbon St. 2 blocks down.




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