Day 1 at KCRA 3

I was always kind of confused when people would say, “I feel like a kid in a candy store.” They always use the phrase and there is never any candy to be seen! Well, I think I am starting to finally understand what people mean.

Today I feel like I found my candy store. Broadcast News or station or newsroom, or just all of it! Today was the very first day of my internship at KCRA 3 News in Sacramento, and a great first day it was.

The sound of phones ringing and police scanners coming from the Assignment Desk welcomed me to the newsroom and soon I found myself swept up in the tasks of the day. I got to it by shadowing the Assignment Editor, and soon I was answering calls on my own and helping research possible leads on a story. Who knew my flight searching skills would become handy?

Before I knew it it was 2pm!

As I was finishing up my online searching, a photographer got tasked with heading up to Roseville to get some shots of the KCRA sponsored blood drive. Can you guess who jumped at the chance to go with him?


Okay. It was meIMG_2600. No real surprise in that I suppose.

This is where the “kid in a candy store” feeling really kicked it. I got to ride in the news van! Even better, when we arrive at our destination the cameraman hands me the mic and I’m shoving candy into my pockets!

Never in a million years did I think that on my first day I would be going out, mic in hand, with the chance of interviewing people. But here I was.

Not even going to lie, I was nervous! I have a habit of forgetting that people are human, just like me. The cameraman I was paired up with was my hero and gave me the little pep talk I needed and away we went.


Believe it or not the semester hasn’t even started yet, but I am learning so much. I cannot wait to see what the next 15 weeks or so have in store for me and all that I can learn.

Today’s Take-aways:
(There were A LOT, but here are two good ones that I wrote down)

  • Interview tips:
    • A good starting question is just to ask for the person to give background. Ask them to tell you about the event being covered, or what they see happening.
    • End an interview by asking for name and spelling. Even ask where they are from. By doing this at the end you are earning their trust and they may feel more comfortable sharing it with you.



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